Who We Are:

We are the Justice Impact Alliance (JIA), a national nonprofit working to uplift impacted people and accelerate the movement for justice through access, empowerment, and inclusion. 

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Our Mission and Vision:

OUR MISSION is to strengthen the national movement of justice-impacted leaders and allies working collaboratively to correct systemic inequity and injustice within the legal system and beyond.

OUR VISION is a transformed society with fully empowered people and a truly inclusive and just legal system.

The Problems We Saw:

People have trouble connecting with help & resources

While many organizations offering assistance including free or pro bono legal service providers and helpful resources currently exist, the landscape is too fragmented and difficult for most people to navigate.

Communication & collaboration is similarly limited

The justice space is filled with organizations, service providers, student groups, and advocates doing great work but there are too many silos and disconnects.  This limits necessary communication, and collaboration, and learning between these essential groups.

A lack of trust compounds the problem

Long-standing issues of systemic inequity and injustice have soured relations and stifled communication between the impacted population and those that are meant to serve their needs, e.g., lawyers and legal service providers.


The Solution We Built:

The Justice Impact Network (JIN) is the first digital justice platform built and directed by justice impacted leaders working to strengthen, catalyze, and accelerate the national movement for justice. We built JIN as a solution that works to bridge the gaps and provide impacted people and families with the access, empowerment, and inclusion they need to navigate the system and unlock justice.

JIN is a digital platform that houses resources and information to bridge the gap between organizations providing help and those who need them.  We help people navigate the system from the moment they are touched by it with the intention of reducing mass incarceration and breaking generational cycles of incarceration.


Our Partners:

We believe transformative and collaborative approaches are needed to address systemic problems and that the leadership and voices of those impacted are vital to designing effective solutions.

JIN was built and remains powered by our strategic partnerships with other leaders in the space, including national advocacy organizations, state service providers, impact led nonprofits, and student groups.

Student Partners Program